St Stephens Green Dublin Wedding - bride and groom portrait, Dublin City wedding

“A good image is created by a state of grace. Grace expresses itself when it has been freed from conventions, free like a child in his early discovery of the reality. The game is then to organize the rectangle.” Sergio Larrain

Sile and Ronan first met each other on the other side of St Stephen’s Green and here they are walking out the other side of it as husband and wife!

It’s been a while since I posted an ‘image of the week’ so I thought I would start this series up again with this image. I love this photograph – it’s one of my favourites from their wedding in the sense that it’s just of the two of them in a busy city but it’s not a posed image. They’re just walking through the city on their way to their drinks reception with friends and family. It’s a great storytelling image that links the wedding ceremony through to the reception.

This photograph made me think of the great photographer Sergio Larrain. All photographers get inspiration from somewhere and I’ve been looking at Larrain’s images now for a few weeks. He’s a well known master of vertical images and low camera angles – not something I shoot a lot of, to be honest. So, I think on some level, his images must have been seeping into my sub conscious. That’s how it works I think. I only took two frames of this ‘moment’ as we had a lot of people moving in front of the camera – this was the best one.

I’ll be showing more images from this lovely wedding later in the week.