Romance Image of the week

When I think back about photography at our wedding the one big pain point for me ahead of the wedding was the thought of being taken away from the guests for an extended photo shoot. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to feel awkward in front of the camera, didn’t want to spend that precious time away for pictures, that the photos wouldn’t really reflect what was happening, and that they would be a little ‘fake’.

Now I know that the whole point of couple portraits at a wedding of course is to try and show the bride and groom being ‘romantic’ – and of course there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that you don’t want to feel fake and you don’t really want your pictures to look the same as everyone else.

So I always resist the temptation to take my couples into a field for a posed picture. Instead, the solution is to simply be an ever observant photographer on the watch for that moment when the couple will show their love to each other spontaneously in a real moment. If you wait long enough you can see it happen. Like here in this photograph.

I realised early on that one of the reasons I stay to photograph the first dance is because that is when you can see and capture that love in it’s most authentic form. This photograph shows that I think. It’s just a moment when Max was spinning Kathryn around – but I love how he has snuggled into her just at this point. It’s perhaps not the most stylised image, you can’t really see all of her amazing dress but the photograph makes you feel something. I could show lots of amazing portraits taken in dramatic landscapes earlier in the day but to me it’s this picture that shows how much he loves her. This is the picture that will be spoken of in years to come when it’s printed in the book and shown off to their kids.