Welcome to my website. I’m Dylan McBurney and I’m based just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. I cover weddings all over Ireland and to date I’ve photographed over 300 weddings from small intimate destination weddings in Ireland for just a bride and groom to larger weddings with over 300 people.

Over the years I have fine tuned my documentary approach to capturing people at their best. I’m firmly of the opinion that we are at our best on a wedding day when we are ‘camera unaware’. To that end I spend most of my wedding days trying to blend in with the guests so I can catch people as they are. Save for a few quick group shots taken later in the reception, you won;t find me posing or directing anyone. I prefer to stay ‘invisible’ and let things happen. The real challenge is to try and capture the lightning in a bottle.

I see these photographs as little time machines that will take you back to how it looked and felt to have been at your wedding.

The following 20 images represent everything I have ever felt at a wedding. You’ll find them sprinkled throughout this website. My Portfolios will give you a flavour of the kinds of images I like to shoot (Emotion, Preparations, Ceremony, Dance, Kids etc). My Featured Weddings will show you highlights of my favourite weddings from over the years. Whilst, the Slideshows will show you more detail on how I cover a wedding day. If you are planning a wedding and still at the stage of choosing your venue, you may enjoy looking through my Wedding Venues in Ireland listings so you can see all the places I’ve been.

So that’s it – I hope you enjoy looking through my work!

To check my availability for your wedding please send me an email – dylan@dylanmcburney.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Best wishes