My documentary approach

I used to think I was an introvert. However, through photography I have realised that I am quite social and incredibly intuitive with people’s feelings and their personalities. This is handy when working with brides, grooms, couples, families and just people in general. I know how to make people feel at ease around me and in front of my camera.

I know how to get people to drop their guard and be who they are without acting or pretending. This is why most of my photographs look so intimate and natural. The majority of people I photograph are just like most of us. They are normal people who (like most us) are not comfortable having their picture taken.

So, expect me to be aware of your shyness, or when you are done and ready to go and have fun doing what people do at weddings. This is why I keep the formal part of the day short and sweet. I will always get enough portraits and details but I promise not to take you away from all the fun stuff like the drinks reception and hanging out with your family and friends.

The pictures here show everything that has ever made me feel something at a wedding and in a way they are all reminders of my own wedding day to Caroline. My aim for you is to bring art and style into the photographs so that you will have an amazing document of the best day of your lives together.