Marquee Wedding in Dublin

Best Dublin wedding Photographer

Best Dublin Wedding Photographer

At this charming Dublin wedding in 2011, I was thrilled to be able to change my availability to cover this great event. Dublin is only two hours from my home in the North and I am always delighted to be able to come down and share in a celebration between two families. The bride and groom at this wedding married in their local church in Howth, Co Dublin before attending a home marquee reception just minutes up the road. For the cover photograph I chose to isolate the bride and groom on the dance floor and include their friends and family surrounding them. The sparkling lights of the dance floor combined with the beautiful colours and lines of the marquee roof to give this wedding photograph a really glamorous feel. The bride’s dress looked stunning lit from below and had a great shape as she swished around with her groom. I crouched down on the floor to include more of the ceiling and the colourful uplighters accentuated the mood in the room. I waited until the optimum moment when the groom gazed into the eyes of the bride before pressing the shutter. A little post production to the photograph was down to give more light on his face. Aside from that the image appears really as it happened. The stories around the couple are fantastic and I can see several of my subsequent clients whose weddings I have also had the good fortune of photographing in Dublin and around Ireland in the years since engaged in conversations on the sidelines. This wedding remains one of my favourite Dublin weddings in my portfolio and I am thrilled to be able to share the slideshow of it here with you. Location: Thormanby Road, Howth, Dublin


Dublin Wedding Photographer Dylan McBurney


Marquee Wedding in Dublin

Notes from the Photographer

Dylan McBurney

This was my first time in Howth and I enjoyed every minute of it very much. As a Belfast native I’d only heard of Howth from following U2 for years and so it was great to photograph a wedding there. This was also my first marquee wedding in Dublin.

In addition to the wedding highlights in the slideshow above here are three of my favourite photographs from the wedding – with notes from my archives.

From the Preparations

Bridal preparations at this Dublin wedding

Nikon D3S Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 62mm ISO 3200 1/200 @ f2.8

I love this photograph of the bride looking up a little nervously as her best friend and Mum fix the veil. I shot a few frames of this little scene and this photograph was my favourite. I love the vulnerability of the moment.

From the Ceremony

Funny moment during the ceremony at this Dublin wedding

Nikon D3S Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 56mm 1/160sec @ f2.8 ISO 3200

There’s another famous image from this ceremony that I really like also but I chose this one as I really like the humour. The sense of fun that the groom Fred had to do this really shows his personality. That’s the power that documentary photographs have over posed photos. They can reveal aspects of personality as well as show a part of the real story. Anyway, so yes, brides who live close to the church – always fashionably late!

From the Reception

Photograph of the wedding party in full swing at this marquee wedding in Dublin

Nikon D3S Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 24mm 1/200 sec at f2.8 ISO 12800

This photograph is probably my favourite dancing photograph at a wedding of all time. It has a little bit of everything – beautiful bride in the middle, great light, colour, emotion. At every wedding I am always trying to better it. Another note from this marquee wedding in Dublin was that this was only the second time that I have ever been dancing on a dance floor (after my own wedding to Caroline of course). Lydia invited me to dance with her in the crowd and I obliged. There are photographs of this somewhere but I think they’ll have to remain under lock and key (just to preserve my rock n’ roll street cred…) 🙂