Kilshane House Wedding – Sarah and Brian

Photo of bride arriving for her Kilshane House wedding

This was one of my favourite Christmas weddings – the beautiful Kilshane House wedding of Sarah and Brian. I hope you enjoy looking through the photographs!

“Kilshane House Wedding


Kilshane House Wedding (Selected Photographs)

Dylan McBurney

This was a beautiful Christmas wedding in Co Tiperrary and for Sarah and Brian. Here’s a small selection of my favourite photographs that tell the story of this beautiful Kilshane House wedding.

Photo of the bride getting ready for her wedding in Kilshane House

Bridal preparations

First of all, I really liked the space in Kilshane House’s bridal suite. What a joy to have space to move around and document the goings on. I really liked these first couple of photographs of Sarah getting ready.

Photo of bride in Kilshane House wedding

Bridal preparations

Photo of bridesmaids in bridal suite at Kilshane House

Getting ready

Such elegant dresses on the bridesmaids – this was just before they left for the ceremony downstairs.

Photo of bride and her Father leaving for ceremony at Kilshane House wedding

Departing for ceremony

Since Kilshane House has this beautiful staircase I knew I’d be able to use it in the photos. This was Sarah and her Dad leading the girls down for the ceremony.

Photo of the bride's sister wiping a tear at the start of the ceremony in Kilshane House


Probably my favourite photograph of the whole wedding. This was Sarah’s sister wiping a tear shortly after seeing her sister arriving for the ceremony.

Photo of Kilshane House wedding


And then this was Sarah’s reaction looking over. Lovely moments.

Photograph of wedding reception at Kilshane House


While this was very much a Christmas wedding Kilshane House has great natural light throughout. I loved this series of pictures of the guests coming through for the drinks reception.

Photo of bride and groom in Kilshane House Christmas wedding


This was Sarah and Brian heading in for the dinner and speeches. Naturally completely unposed or staged.

Photo of evening wedding reception in Kilshane House

Great reactions to Sarah’s Dad’s speech.


Photo of bridesmaid in Kilshane House wedding


I really liked Lydia’s expression in this moment. I had photographed her wedding to Fred two years before and it was lovely to see everyone again.

Photo of first dance at this beautiful Christmas Kilshane House wedding

First dance

A lovely romantic moment during the first dance.

Photograph of bride and groom enjoying their first dance together in Kilshane House

First dance

I loved this image – the movement in Sarah’s dress and the expressions.

Photo of dancing in the evening at Kilshane Hous, Ireland

Evening celebrations