Dylan McBurney

So here’s a thought. Imagine not having to go away from the wedding reception to pose for hours of photographs. Well, that’s exactly how it is at all of my weddings. My clients know that there are better, more interesting photographs to be found in the drinks reception.

Like this image which I really like from a recent wedding. I remember just walking past this group when the girl in the middle crossed her arms and smiled. That was the trigger for the picture but I really like the framing of the others in the picture. There’s an image taken a fraction of a second sooner that you can see in the contact sheet above but the better photograph is clearly the second frame where you can see more of the scene around her.

I have no idea what they were all talking about but isn’t that the wonder of photography? You can put together a whole series of pictures like this one and you really get a sense of the wedding reception, who was there, who was talking with whom and wonder at what was going on!

To just blend in to the crowd and find interesting moments of friends and family is a real joy. These images are really important because in a photographic reportage they link the ceremony through to the speeches and the evening entertainment.

If you are wondering about timings I recommend a minimum of about an hour to 90 minutes for relaxing and chilling out before dinner. You only need to allow a maximum of 15 minutes for group photos and perhaps 10 minutes for bride and groom portraits.

After all this is the heart of the wedding. You’ll want to see as much of it as possible.

And why would you want to miss it posing for cliched images that everyone else has?