On the move

Contact Sheet from a Castle Leslie Wedding

Every now and again there will be a photograph where everything comes together – the moment, the shapes and lines within the frame. Henri Cartier Bresson once explained the joy that the act of photographing photo-journalistically brings to the photographer when the ‘structures and patterns’ line up – especially when the subject is ‘on the move’.

“The greatest joy for me is geometry; that means a structure. You can’t go shooting for structure, for shapes, for patterns and all this, but it is a sensuous pleasure, an intellectual pleasure, at the same time to have everything in the right place…

…Composition must be one of our constant preoccupations, but at the moment of shooting it can stem only from our intuition, for we are out to capture the fugitive moment, and all the interrelationships involved are on the move.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson