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The silent language of hands! Our hands often reveal what we really think but do not say.
 They can show a range of feelings and emotions from confusion and frustration
to joy, understanding, love, and compassion.  – Joe Navarro Hands can


“A good image is created by a state of grace. Grace expresses itself when it has been freed from conventions, free like a child in his early discovery of the reality. The game is then to organize the rectangle.” Sergio


When I think back about photography at our wedding the one big pain point for me ahead of the wedding was the thought of being taken away from the guests for an extended photo shoot. I remember thinking that I


The girl in the photograph below is the brides little sister and I suppose like all seven year olds she just couldn’t wait to put her dress on and do a twirl! As she went downstairs to join the other

On the move

Every now and again there will be a photograph where everything comes together – the moment, the shapes and lines within the frame. Henri Cartier Bresson once explained the joy that the act of photographing photo-journalistically brings to the photographer


So here’s a thought. Imagine not having to go away from the wedding reception to pose for hours of photographs. Well, that’s exactly how it is at all of my weddings. My clients know that there are better, more interesting

She said…

It’s been an incredibly busy summer wedding season for me this year and I can’t wait to share some new photographs with you. So I am bringing back my ‘Image of the Week’ series. I’m making a commitment here to