Castle Leslie Wedding Photos – Stephanie & David

Castle Leslie Wedding Photograph

Here’s a few Castle Leslie Wedding photos by way of a slideshow with highlights from Stephanie and David’s wedding and some selected stills below also.


Castle Leslie Wedding Photos

Here’s a few notes from my favourites of Stephanie and David’s Castle Leslie Wedding photos – photography here with my Hasselblad Xpan and Nikon D750. Stephanie and David were fortunate enough to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and the beautiful summer weather lasted all day and into the night as two families came together and had the time of their lives.

Page boy at wedding at Castle Leslie, Co Monaghan

Nikon D750 Nikkor 24-70 29mm 1/400 sec at f4.5 ISO 100

They say that all photographs are self-portraits in a way. That could well be true although these days I usually have my shirt tucked in at a wedding. And my hair’s a lot shorter than it used to be back in the day.

The bride arrives for her summer wedding at Castle Leslie

Nikon D750 Nikkor 24-70 38mm 1/200 sec at f2.8 ISO 100

I just love this photograph of Stephanie arriving for the wedding ceremony in the car. The image really works well in black and white but the colour adds to it I think.

Bride's Father photographed during reception at Castle Leslie wedding

Nikon D750 Nikkor 24-70 42mm 1/640 sec at f4 ISO 400

Wonderfully relaxed portrait of the bride’s Father. Castle Leslie is fantastic in every way as a wedding venue. One of the best parts of a typical wedding day comes when it is time to do the family groups. For me, I usually have these wrapped up pretty quickly. If you look around the fringes of the group photographs you can often catch some lovely off-guard portraits of people. This was the bride’s Father gazing on happily on the sidelines of the latest group.

First dance at Castle Leslie Wedding

Nikon D750 Nikkor 24-70 42mm 1/200 sec at f2.8 ISO 12800

Stephanie and David danced to Led Zeppelin’s Thank you – one of my favourite songs from my youth. Mountains crumbled to the sea.

Photograph of dancing at Castle Leslie wedding

Nikon D750 Nikkor 24-70 38mm 1/500 sec at f2.8 ISO 12800

I really liked the graphical nature of this image – it seems like a good photo to finish on.