April Fools

Photograph of groom and his Uncle at outdoor wedding in Northern Ireland

Since it’s April Fool’s Day I thought I would post one of the funniest photos I’ve taken. Well, it makes me laugh every time I see it anyway.

The story behind it is quite simple. The wedding reception was held outdoors and the outside toilet block had failed late in the afternoon. While they were getting it fixed the groom decided to take a leak out the back of the main marquee. This was about 10 minutes before the cutting of the cake and I had wandered down the field to my car to change a lens on the camera. Just as I was walking past this little scene I thought ‘no photo here’ but then the guy on the right pulled out the chainsaw and I instinctively snapped the photo.

The groom was a tree surgeon and five minutes later the bride and groom walked in and cut their (cheese)cake with the chainsaw. The reaction of the guests was priceless but it’s this photograph that cracks me up.