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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Dylan McBurney and I’m one of the leading wedding photographers in Ireland. From my base in Carrickfergus, County Antrim I cover weddings all over Ireland and occasionally elsewhere in Europe. Since 2003 I have covered over 300 weddings for my clients in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York, Paris and Barcelona.

In addition to photographing over 300 weddings in Ireland my work has taken me into Europe where I’ve been fortunate to photograph weddings in places as far apart as Prague, Cyprus and across France.

I specialise in telling stories through natural, authentic images without directing or interfering in the wedding day. Almost like a guest at the wedding I will blend in and I promise not to have you posing in fields or boss you around in any way.

The style of photography I shoot in is known as reportage wedding photography or documentary wedding photography. If the idea of posing for hours for photos fills you with worry then I may have just the thing for you.

Please explore this website – have a look through the galleries of the elements I love in photography – light, emotion, story and moment. Look through my featured weddings and you can follow my latest work here in my blog.

If you are planning your very own wedding I would love to hear from you.

The fine art of storytelling

Evocative reportage wedding photography of the best day of your lives together.

First of all, my belief is that wedding photography should be about the real life of the wedding. Rather than a series of staged photos the images should be able to take you back so that you can relive the day.

The genre of photography I shoot in has a few different names – documentary wedding photography, wedding photojournalism and reportage wedding photography. To me there’s no real difference in the three terms apart from how the bridal magazines might see as the fashionable way to describe story telling photography.

  • My style is completely candid.
  • Rather than taking over your day I am a photographer who is discrete and unobtrusive.
  • Almost like a guest at the wedding I will blend in to the background.
  • Since I’m there to document the wedding you are free to enjoy the reception with your friends and family.
  • I use only the finest albums and equipment.
  • I hope you enjoy looking through my pictures and I would be delighted to shoot your wedding.

Most of all I want your photographs to become a family heirloom.

I photograph weddings not just for you but for your children and your Grandchildren. And for everyone who loves you and wants to remember how it felt to have been there in exquisite detail and beauty.

In 50 years your photographs will be the one thing that you and your family will have to show what it looked and felt like to be right there at the start of your new adventure.

Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland Dylan McBurney

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Dylan McBurney

Dylan McBurney

Dylan McBurney is a Northern Ireland wedding photographer who has shot award-winning images both in Ireland and around Europe in places like London, Barcelona, Paris, and Prague. His boutique wedding studio has delivered over 200 beautiful custom designed wedding books to clients in Ireland and the UK. Inspired by legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dylan's simple, romantic, natural light images focus on the bride and groom’s interactions with friends and family, often revealing powerful emotions and relationships and capturing the uncomplicated charm of stolen glances or guests laughing. Dylan has been a member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) since 2009 and his work has been exhibited in the Culture Project Gallery in New York, La Salle de la Mairie, St Brieuc, France and at the Université de Rennes, France.


Victoria & Dan
Hi Dylan - The pictures look amazing, we love them! We kept saying to each other, ""Did you see Dylan taking photos? Do you think he got one of this, one of that?"" But you obviously were - but quietly, in the background, like some kind of photography ninja! You made our day really special and we can't say thank you enough, although we’ll try!

Victoria & Dan
Aoibheann & Neil
Dear Dylan - How can we ever thank you enough for the most beautiful and unique collection of photographs we have ever seen? We couldn’t have been more fortunate to have had you as our photographer! The moments you managed to capture are extraordinary! What a story you told... All our love and best wishes.

Aoibheann & Neil
Amanda & Richard
Hi Dylan - The photographs capture my favourite memories of our amazing wedding day so beautifully. When I look at your pictures I close my eyes and can remember every nano second!

Amanda & Richard
Miranda & Arthur
Dylan, I have to say that looking at your photographs is like being in a time-machine magically transporting us back to every moment - to all the things that made it our best day ever, and to all the things that we missed but that you've forever captured. Thank you so much.

Miranda & Arthur


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